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sábado, 10 de janeiro de 2015

Montjoie St. Denis!

....was probably the first warcry to be heard on the fateful afternoon of August 14th, 1385, at the Aljubarrota battlefield. 
After a brief bombardment by the Castilian artillery, the attack on the Portuguese lines started with a charge of French cavalry, at full speed and strenght, in an attempt to break the opposing infantry lines.

However, the rain of bolts and arrows released by Portuguese crossbowmen and English archers caused heavy casualties among men and horses.

This, and the difficult terrain, previously filled with traps and obstacles by the Portuguese - rendering it almost impracticable for the remaining horses - forced the surviving knights to bravely continue on foot, sword in hand or breaking their long lances to make them more manouverable.



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  1. Un magnifique travail...et au soleil du Portugal en plus!

  2. Merci Phil, tu es trés aimable :) (le soleil est lá, mais le froid aussi... ;) )

  3. Great looking figures, love the heraldry!!

    1. Thank you Ray, glad you liked it! :) Here´s a box of eye-candy for you - from the XVIth Century, but always fresh: http://digitarq.arquivos.pt/viewer?id=4162407 And thanks for joining!!! :D

  4. Ah, more superb figures from one of my favorite Medieval lines. Great work once again!

  5. They look excellent! Great work on the armor!


  6. What an interesting blog you have glad to have found you