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terça-feira, 23 de dezembro de 2014

Join the Archers, they said... travel the world, they said...

Apesar do seu reduzido número - c. 200-300 - os arqueiros ingleses presentes em Aljubarrota desempenharam um papel decisivo: quebraram o ímpeto da carga de cavalaria pesada Francesa que deu início à batalha, anulando-o; e castigaram o subsequente avanço da infantaria Castelhana ( na qual se incluiam Portugueses leais ao Rei de Castela) com uma pesada chuva de flechas, causando elevadas baixas.

                                             "Setting up the defense is a dirty job....

                                     but somebody´s got to do it....

                                                 .... maybe I´ll just stay here in the back, looking busy...

                                 ... cheer up, lads, I´m a 100% behind you!"
In spite of their small numbers - c. 200-300 - the English archers at Aljubarrota played a decisive role:  they broke the momentum of the French heavy cavalry charge, nullifying it; and punished the following advance of the Castillian Infantry (which included Portuguese, loyal to the King of Castille) with a heavy rain of arrows, causing a tremendous number of casualties.

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  1. J'adore cette vignette, un travail fantastique et très réaliste...bravo!!

  2. Merci beaucoup, tu es très gentil :) Je suis content que tu l´as aimé :D

  3. Lovely looking diorama...the figures and painting look fantastic..... Marvelous work!


  4. Thanks Phil! Glad you liked it! :D Perry figs are so nicely sculpted, they´re a joy to paint. :) Cheers!

  5. Very nice! Realistically gritty and full of purpose.

    1. Thanks Dean :) Perry has some real nice figs - plastics too, I just got the "English Army 1415-1429" :D Warm regards :)

  6. Wonderful vignette! A good reminder of the pre-battle preparations.